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Chris Eischen


I am a Confident, Compassionate and Authentic Leader.



Husband and Father

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Business Consultant 


Life Coach




Chris Eischen is a Kick Ass Dad and a passionate Entrepreneur with a heart for helping others.

Born and raised in the Toledo, Ohio area, Chris has a passion for the city and the things going on within it's communities. He and his wife, Samantha, run free leadership workshops for youth to provide guidance to a new generation. He is a strong advocate for the phrase, "Be the change you want to see in the world." After a divorce from his daughters mother he joined an amazing group of guys from Orlando, Florida and launched the popular podcast, Kick Ass Dad.  It was in exploring his passions that he discovered a love for Digital Marketing.  The growing podcast gave him the opportunity to practice such skills as Email Marketing and Social Media Engagement Campaigns. This practice built the skills nessesary for the guys to branch out and launch KAD Communications. The concept was to help fellow Dads find their passions and learn how to launch those passions into a business. It was in KAD Communications that the biggest opportunity yet would arise with a start-up called thingCHARGER.  Chris was brought onto the team for thingCHARGER which was a CrowdFunded product. It was with thingCHARGER that he learned what real scaling looked like for a business.  Taking a business from conceptual idea to millions of dollars in revenue requires a lot of moving parts and an amazing team. Of course along the way mistakes were made which was an amazing lesson that had so much more to teach than all the successes. All of these experiences lead Chris to launch Cultivated Online where he works as a Business, Marketing and Digital Media Consultant. In his years of working as an independent consultant Chris has spent over $4 million in digital advertising and helped raise over $15 million in revenue. He has had the privilege of  working with the smallest of entrepreneurs as well as some Fortune 100 companies. But his greatest success out of all of this, is his ability to create a life around the one thing he cherishes most, his kids. His greatest passions get to be scheduled into his calendar each week as he volunteers at his daughters school. He loves helping kids with everything from Reading to teaching Junior Achievement. 


Hustle is the New Happy

Although shirts are for sale, this is more about the badge of honor as an entreprenuer.  This was something David Pagan and I worked on as a way to give back to the entreprenuer.